Credo Christian
High School

Train a child in the way he should go,
and when he is old he will not turn from it.

Welcome to CREDO!

Welcome back to another year of learning … which ultimately continues to be for the purposes of knowing God, loving God, and loving man through Jesus Christ.  We dedicate our new school year to the King of Kings, -“for from him and through him, and to him are all things. To him be the glory.” (Romans 11:36)

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Tuesday First Day of School


Friday Class Outings This is an all-day event. Click above link for more info.                              Class Outings are scheduled for Friday, September 11 These outings should be a nice way for the entire grade to connect, be active, re-establish friendships and build new ones, meet new students, and just have a great day together.   Some important details:  1.  Grades 9-11 will be given a light lunch, but students should take their own drinks and a snack; 2.  Since the weather may be warm, swimming is an option; students should come prepared to get wet; 3.  We expect all students to attend, so please call the school in the event your son or daughter is unable to participate.  4.  We will not be issuing separate Permission Forms, except for the Grade 12s, who will need a signed waiver.   Grade 8:  Alouette Lake.  Contact Mrs Allison (778-808-3763) Grade 9:  Cultus Lake.  Contact Mr. VanDelft (778-908-9422) Grade 10:  Hicks Lake.  Contact Mr. Hoogerdijk (778-552-5670) Grade 11:  Harrison Lake. Contact Mr. Vanderven (604-807-2507) Grade 12:  TENTATIVE: Climbing wall, etc . . .  Contact:  Mr. Mans (778-549-8412)       NOTE:  THERE IS A SURCHARGE FOR THE GR.12 ACTIVITY    Transportation (all times are estimates, so please be there well in advance): Buses plan to leave Credo at approx. 845 am, and return just before 300 pm.   for Grades 9-11, we have additional pickup/dropoff points: 920:  Pick up at Whatcom Road exit (SOUTH SIDE PLEASE!) 930:  Pick up at #3 Rd (Yellow Barn) 940:  Pick up at Vedder Rd (Husky Gas)   Dropoffs: 200 pm at Vedder Rd 210 pm at No. 3 Rd 220 pm at Whatcom Rd   We fully anticipate having a really, really nice day!   Would you like to join a group?   We would love to have some parental participation.  Feel free to call any of the staff coordinators.   As usual, you can call the school if you have any questions.

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