Canadian Reformed Schoolsof the Fraser Valley

CCES leaflets

June 19, 2017


·        Congratulations to Stephen and Jessica Chase with healthy arrival of son Ezra.

·        Congratulations to K kids with their graduation on Friday morning. We look forward to the K "family ceremony" Friday morning.

·        Congratulations to students and staff on successful completion of another school year. We look forward to the closing ceremony @11:00 on Friday morning in the church and to the Grade 7 graduation @ 7:30 next Monday evening.

·        Enjoy the trips this week! May God grant safety and a timely return to all.

·        Have a refreshing summer! We look forward to inviting everyone back - into our cooler school - at summer's end!

Kindergarten -Ms. Scholtens & Mrs. Onderwater

·        Yes, it truly is the last week of school! Thank you for your support and help throughout the year! We look forward to celebrating at our kindergarten grad on Friday!

·        There is no K this Thursday, Both groups come on Friday. Dismissal is at noon.

·        Please return any library books, little readers and any thing else we may have loaned you to the school.

Grade One –Mrs. MacDougal & Mrs. Winkelaar

·        We have come to the final week of school! Thank you all for your support over this past year, it has been a pleasure teaching your children. We wish you the Lord's blessings during the coming months. Have a great summer!

·        Our last field trip is to Al Anderson Spray Park on Wednesday. Please feel free to join in the fun at any time during the day. The sun should be out; and so bathing suits, towels, hats, water, and sunscreen should come with the student. See you there!

·        The students have been reading a lot. Chloe, Bruce, Janieva, Lydia, and Owen have read 200 times! Mercedes read 250 times this year. Well done!

·        A few summer reading packages are coming home today. If your child has one please look at it and if you are not interested please return it to school tomorrow. Thanks!

Grade Two – Mr. Hoogerdijk

·        Memory Work: Review of Memory Verses learned this year

·        Bible: Parables of Jesus review

·        Reading: The Courage of Sarah Noble –finish comprehension questions

·        Writing: Free topic writing

·        Math: 3-D Geometry review

·        Social Studies: Local Government review

·        Science: Animals – Life Cycles review

·        P.E.: team games

·        Art: Texture, Space, and Form

·        We have come nearly to the end of another school year. I would like to thank all the parents for their good support and cooperation in the education of the Grade 2 students. I really enjoyed my year with this class. We can look back with thankfulness and gratitude to our Heavenly Father for all the blessings we could experience throughout this year. I wish you all a relaxing and refreshing summer break. May God continue to bless you as parents as you fulfil your baptismal vows! I will miss working at Credo, but I look forward in faith to the new directions and challenges the Lord will lead me through. God bless!

Grade Three –Mr. Chase

·        There is no spelling, memory work, reading homework, or math review homework this week.

·        Tomorrow we plan to have Board Game Day! Students will be invited to bring a board game or puzzle from home.

·        Bible: Books of the Bible

·        Math: Math facts practice

·        Language Arts: Wrapping up wordless picture books, Beverly Cleary novel studies, and conventions and handwriting

·        P.E.: Frisbee

·        Look for a spelling inventory in your child’s mail sometime this week. It will provide a (more than) thorough overview of your child’s progress in spelling from September to June.

·        Your child’s portfolio should be heading home on Wednesday.

·        Thanks for your support, prayers, and encouragement this year. I have very much enjoyed working with each of your children.

Grade Four –Miss Vanderhoek

·        Agenda: Please send all library books to school asap. TUESDAY: Field trip to watch a ukulele concert at Langley Fundamental School, and then an afternoon at the outdoor park by W.C. Blair. Scooters, skateboards and ripsticks are allowed (along with a mandatory helmet), and water park/swim stuff is encouraged.

·        A HUGE thank you to all parents, grandparents, and others who helped out in many and varied ways this year! We have been blessed with such a fantastic year of learning and growing. Whether it be for field trips, FSAs, school spirit days, or the regular day-to-day of school life, God has shown his abundant provision. Have a very, very blessed summer! - AV

Grade Five –Mrs. VanSpronsen & Mrs. VanRhee

·        The longer I teach, the faster the years seem to zoom by. It is already the last week of school. I have been privileged to teach this class that is so full of energy, personality and love for life and learning. I am constantly amazed at the many personalities God has created, each with their own God-given journey to complete. I am honoured to have been a small part of that journey. It was pleasure, and as always, a learning experience. Have a wonderful summer!

·        We have an exciting packed week coming up. I believe in working till the end, saving some of the fun stuff till the last week! It helps to keep busy . . .

·        Reading: Finishing our box projects and presenting them to the class

·        Math: Data Analysis Graphs – surveying and creating bar graphs. Probability Games (so fun!!!)

·        Science: Force and Motion (Work and Friction) and Simple Machines and the Rock Cycle (on the field trip)

·        Art: Completing our Aboriginal Masks

·        Music: Ukelele Concert (Tuesday at 11 at the Fundamental School – walking there)

·        Tuesday is our trip to the Fundamental School on 50 Ave. We plan to walk to the Recreational Area by W.C. Blair Pool after. We should be there by 12:20. All parents and preschoolers are welcome.

·        Thursday is our field trip to Lynn Canyon. Thanks for all the volunteers who are willing to drive. I’ll be emailing you today! All are welcome to come, but because we have enough drivers, it is preferable that there are no preschoolers tagging along. It is a bit of a hike. Linda Sikma Van Spronsen

Grade Six A –Mr. Kanis

·        Is it the final week already? We sure have been blessed this year in grade six! Thank you for entrusting your children to us each and every day. It has been a pleasure.

·        Math: Probability

·        Writing: Poetry: final project

·        LA Comprehension: The Golden Thread

·        Science: Final project

·        HCE: Portfolios

·        Art: Robert Bateman

·        P.E. 6: Ultimate Frisbee and Badminton

Grade Six B –Mr. Scholtens

·        Memory work: Not this week

·        Bible History: Done!

·        Math: Using patterns to create graphs

·        L.A: Playing with poetry. Number poetry, thankfulness poetry, Reading with feeling

·        Science: Extreme Environments – Complete designing a vehicle that can travel in an extreme environment.

·        Socials: Complete planning a community. Present

·        P.E.: Baseball skills – catching, throwing, fielding, hitting, game strategy

·        We hope to go to Golden Ears Park tomorrow. (Tuesday) Those who committed to coming along please be at school by 8:40.

·        This is the final Leaflets of the year. I pray that God bless each of you in the summer. Have fun with your children, and be safe.

Grade Seven Miss Nobel & Miss Harink

·        Victoria, here we come!