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General information about CCES

A Brief History of the School

The Canadian Reformed School Association of Langley, Inc., operating the Credo Christian Elementary School is an 'offshoot' of the Canadian Reformed School Association of Surrey, B.C. The latter Association was founded in 1951 with the aim of building a school which would offer Reformed education. On Sept. 5, 1955 the Canadian Reformed School (Burnaby) was officially opened, having an enrollment of 58 pupils in 8 grades divided between 2 classrooms. The name "William of Orange Christian School" was officially adopted in 1956. A new four room school building was constructed in 1962. By 1966, more than 100 pupils were enrolled. In 1974 a new school building, with 8 classrooms, a library, and a science room, was opened in Cloverdale.
Due to rapid growth in the Langley area and the William of Orange School bursting at the seams, (about 300 students) it was decided to build and operate a second school in the Langley district.

This school was officially opened in 1986. The new building was erected on 52nd Avenue east of 216 Street and was named Credo Christian Elementary School. It started with an enrollment of 99 students and presently has an enrollment of over 200 students. By 1989 the Langley Canadian Reformed School Society separated from its 'parent' Surrey Canadian Reformed School Society to operate the Credo Christian Elementary School on its own.

School Board and its Committees.

The Credo Christian Elementary School is operated by a society of parents who must be members of the Canadian and American Reformed Churches. The Society also includes members who are not parents of school age children. As well, it enlists the support of several donors. This society elects a board of trustees which generally functions as a decision making body in the operation of the school. Twice annually, (Oct. and May) it calls a membership meeting to vote on budget and discuss matters of general interest.

Elections for the board take place at the fall membership meeting. A Board member's term is three years and (s)he is re-electable for a second term. Distribution of board duties/offices are scheduled at the first meeting after the fall membership meeting.

Among the many mandates the board has, the most important are:

  • to maintain a school with a distinctive Reformed character.
  • to employ a competent staff.
  • to ensure that adequate funds are available for the operation of the school.

Although the Board assumes all responsibility, it delegates many of its duties to committees. At present the Committees of the Board are:

  • The Education Committee
  • The Membership Promotion Committee
  • The Maintenance Committee
  • The Special Education Committee
  • The Admission Committee
  • The Finance Committee

Each committee is chaired by one of the Board members who has been elected to that position. Whereas some committees may have more than one Board member, the committee's slates are filled by other society members. The principal is ex officio a member of the Education Committee and the Board Chairman is ex officio a member of all committees. A slate of officers and committee members appears on the inside cover of the Branches which is published monthly. The Board also appoints a member to represent it at the Credo Christian Highschool Board meetings.


Branches, the school society's newsletter, is published once monthly. The purpose of this publication is to communicate to the members of the Society the ongoing activity at the school in order for all concerned to be kept informed as to the welfare of the school. The Branches usually contains the following:

  • Chairman's message.
  • Principal's report concerning past and future activities.
  • Brief reports of Board Meetings.
  • Pupil's reports of events/activities.
  • Financial statements/updates.
  • Miscellaneous announcements and/or reminders.

All Branches material is to be forwarded to the principal who, with the Board chairman, functions as editor.
A weekly news-update called
leaflets  is sent home with the children every Monday afternoon.

Enrollment Policy

Conditions of Membership

  • parents, guardians, single persons who are at least 18 years of age.
  • communicant members of a Canadian Reformed Church or United Reformed Church.
  • are up-to-date in their contributions or fees as approved annually by the School Society.
  • believe it to be their God-given duty to educate and instruct their children in accordance with God's Word.
  • acknowledge that the basis of the School is God's infallible Word and that the Ecumenical Creeds and the Three Forms of Unity summarize and explain the teachings of the Bible.
  • have the right of voting at the meetings of the society and are eligible to participate in various activities designated by the Board.
  • normally only children of members of the association may be enrolled. However, the Board may interview non-Canadian Reformed parents wishing to enroll their children in our school to determine admittance. In any case, non-Canadian Reformed parents who have been permitted to enroll their children at this school do not have voting rights.

Financing the School.

The School is financed by the parents, general support of the Canadian Reformed Community and the Government of British Columbia (50%). Full participation keeps this partially privately funded school financially efficient. Several categories of participation have been set up with different levels of financial commitment.

Monthly rates for 2021/2022 are assessed per family as follows:
Membership - those who are members but do not have children in the school                  $125.ºº
Kindergarten - families whose oldest student is enrolled in Kindergarten                            $365.ºº
Elementary (1-5) - families whose oldest student is enrolled in the elementary grades     $575.ºº
Middle (6-7) - families whose oldest student is enrolled in the middle grades                     $595.ºº
Grade 8 - families whose oldest student is enrolled in the eighth grade                               $720.ºº
Junior High (9-10) - families whose oldest student is enrolled in Junior High                        $745.ºº
Senior High (11-12) - families whose oldest student is enrolled in Senior High                    $795.ºº

Fees for these categories are adjusted annually. Anyone applying to have a student attend this school must meet membership conditions and have paid a minimum entrance fee of $3600.00  prior to such enrollment.

Federation Independent School Association (FISA).

For many years, our school was an Associate Member of FISA BC.  This federation, founded in 1966, is an umbrella organization for the independent schools of B.C., currently representing substantially more than 100,000 students.  FISA is dedicated to assist independent schools in maintaining their independence while seeking fair treatment for them in legislative and financial terms.  In practice, this involves the Federation in frequent contact with elected officials concerning legislation and funding and with Ministry of Education officials in administrating the Independent School Act. 

In recent years, organizational changes within FISA led to the creation of a new association named the Associate Member Society (AMS), which became a member association of FISA BC. Credo Christian Schools is a member of the AMS.  Every four years, the AMS elects persons from among the schools in this association to serve on the FISA BC Board.

Volunteer Services.

A number of volunteer services have been very active in our school. Parents, grandparents, and other willing persons have given some of their time and talents to assist the Staff at School. Some volunteer as class mothers, some as librarians, some as drivers/monitors for class trips. The Credo School Aid is a group that organizes and directs various fund raising activities to raise money for items beneficial for the school and pupils.