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Mission Statement


The purpose of our parental Christian School is to educate our children to develop their individual potential and to acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed for a life of responsible stewardship in God's kingdom.

This mandate presents a description of the "responsible disciple" as one who is:

a relational being:

  • serving GOD in obeying His Word, The Bible, as the authoritative norm of life,
  • seeking the good of his neighbour and of all of Creation,
  • seeking what is good for himself through proper care of the gifts God gave him.
a reflective being:
  • aware that all of Creation is under the Lordship of Jesus Christ,
  • willing and able to use his God-given talents to develop skills and knowledge in all areas of life,
  • thoughtful, able to learn and think critically, testing the spirits of this age, one who can communicate information from a broad knowledge base.

School Philosophy

Believing that the Lord God, by graciously giving us the Scriptures, has revealed to His people ordering principles intensely relevant to education and required of man that he bring the Word of God in all its power to bear upon education, we confess:


That human life in its entirety is religion. Men must serve God everywhere, and our children must therefore be educated to that end.


That the Bible as the written Word of God is the Truth by which the Holy Spirit enlightens our understanding of God, ourselves, and the world; and is the infallible authority by which He directs and governs all our activities, including the education of our children.

Three Forms of Unity

That the Belgic Confession, the Heidelberg Catechism and the Canons of Dort summarize and explain the teachings found in the Bible.


That the world in its origin, gracious preservation and ultimate restoration, is the work of the Triune God; and that its purpose is the glorification of His name. Hence we can understand the world rightly only in its relationship to Him.


That man was created in the image of God to enjoy covenantal fellowship with His Creator and to reflect in his person and works the excellencies of his Maker and was instructed to exercise dominion over the world in strict and loving obedience to God and to interpret all reality in accordance with His design and law.


That sin is disobedience to God's law and that man by sinning, forsook his office, and task, estranged himself from God and his neighbour and brought God's curse upon the creation. As a result, man became corrupt in heart and blind to the true meaning of life, repressing and misusing the revelation of God in creation and in the Scriptures.


That the Christ of the Scriptures, truly God and fully man, has reconciled the world to God and redeems our life in its entirety. Through His Spirit He renews our heart to love God and our neighbour; and redirects our understanding rightly to know God, ourselves, and the world.

The Kingdom of God

That the Kingdom of God is His righteous and universal regime through Jesus Christ whose rule in grace and power makes education possible in every area of life to His commandment to love the Lord with all our heart and mind.

Purpose of Education

That the purpose of education is to direct and guide the child to commit his life to Christ the Truth; to attain understanding, wisdom and righteousness; and to perform his competent and responsible service to the Lord in every aspect of life.


By birth and baptism are children of the Covenant which God has made with His people. The baptismal promise made by parents implies that children are to be prepared for independent life as covenant children living in a positive relationship with God. A Christ-centred education implies, thus, a covenantal education. The authority and responsibility for educating children belongs to the parents (guardian) of the children. Parents may seek help from those who can competently assist them to carry out this God-given parental task.