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The purpose of this Handbook is to inform parents, students, and others involved in the operation of the Credo Christian Elementary School about its organization and its programs. Through this means we hope to erase any confusion or misconceptions about requirements as well as inform students and their parents what is being taught and what student expectations ought to be. It is expected that parents communicate these to the student.

This Handbook explains many of our policies, procedures, and expectations. It is suggested to set it aside for handy reference. Suggestions for improvement are always welcome.
We hope that we can continue in our concerted effort to direct the students in the way that they should go. It is our desire that they may form, develop, and sharpen their power to discern all things; that they may learn the truth concerning the creation, the creatures, the Lord and His gospel. When Psalm 111 speaks of the fear of the Lord being the beginning of wisdom, then it refers to acknowledging God as Lord, to Whose Holy Will we must subject ourselves in all our doings.

Our Curriculum consists of several subject areas. In each of these subjects we must try to show how God is at work in that particular aspect of creation. This may not be so evident in the typical everyday lesson. Nevertheless, we continually strive to make the perspective, the motivations, the atmosphere conducive to the direction required of us. It is our prayer that the Holy Spirit will guide us in this immense task. May God grant teachers, parents and students the strength and wisdom to carry out their respective tasks and responsibilities.