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Bad Karaoke, Boiling Frogs, and Jumping Out of Water

November 20, 2018
By Mr. T. Vanderhorst

Our recent assembly started with Mr. VanderHorst playing part of the well-loved song Africa, by Toto. Everyone listening enjoyed the music and there were smiles on many faces. This soon changed when Mr. VanderHorst proceeded to play a version of the same song, except this time the music was offbeat and the vocals were off-key. Immediately, those listening started to cringe and beg for it to stop.

So how does this connect to our lives as Christians? Mr. VanderHorst explained that the more he listened to this horrible remix, the less repulsive it became; in fact, he almost started to enjoy it! Sin is like that. At first, we might be repulsed by it, but as we become more familiar with it, we start to hate it less. We get used to sin, and get comfortable with it.

Next, we talked about frogs. Apparently, scientists sometimes boil frogs to kill them before dissection. If they were to just plop them into boiling water though, the frogs would recognize the danger and jump out. Instead, the frogs are placed in cold water and as the heat is slowly turned up, the frog doesn’t realize what’s happening and stays put, until it eventually dies.

Again, we need to connect this analogy to sin. When obvious sins threaten to slam into us, we are more likely to recognize it and jump out of the way. The devil, knowing this, works slowly and gently, easing us into sin and gradually making us comfortable with it before we eventually end up dead. Mr. VanderHorst shared an example from his experience at BCIT. He had made friends with some non-Christians who used God’s name in vain and he hadn’t said anything to stop them. Some months later, he was singing Psalm 32 in church and was convicted by the words of that psalm. He knew he had to speak up!

In conclusion, we were reminded that sin is not something to embrace, but something to run from, to flee from! Whenever you hear Africa, by Toto, use it as a reminder. Remember the awesome reality that when we run from sin, we are not running blindly, rather, we are running into the arms of a loving Saviour.

Discussion points:

1. How did you feel, listening to the offbeat, off-key version of Africa? Does sin ever make you feel that way?

2. Think about some of the little sins that you may have gotten comfortable with. In what ways might Satan be slowly ‘turning the heat up’ in your life?

3. What are some practical ways you can flee from sin? What does that really look like in your life? Be specific!


Africa (original):

Offbeat/Off-key version:

Thanks to Kayla VanderHorst for creating this assembly summary!