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Theme Text

September 11, 2018
By Mr. de Haan

Hello parents,

We are now a full week into the new school year and have just had our second school assembly, where Mr. de Haan discussed our theme text in some detail. Throughout this year, we hope to send out emails following our school assemblies that give parents a summary of what was said, and provide some discussion questions or talking points that you can use at home to follow up on the theme of the assembly. Talk about them as you sit around the dinner table, or as you drive your child home from soccer practice. Many excellent topics are discussed and we would love to see that the conversations on these important issues are continuing beyond the assembly hall!

As previously mentioned, this week’s assembly was led by Mr. de Haan on the topic of 1 Timothy 4:12: “Let no one despise you for your youth, but set the believers an example in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, in purity.” We heard how we are called by God to be examples to those around us (a student could even be an example to a teacher!) and that we are to conduct ourselves well as ambassadors of Christ’s name. We don’t want others to criticize Christ because of choices we’ve made!

A clear point was also made about expectations. Often, adult expectations for teenagers are too low; we excuse bad behavior because of “youth”. We should never be lowering the bar for our young people. Instead, let’s set them an example by aiming high for both them and ourselves! This is our challenge, as the adults in their lives. Want the same things from your teenagers that God wants from them.

Specific mention was made of the first item in the list Paul mentions: speech. Though crude speech is not a noticeably large problem in our school, we all know that this can be a struggle at times. Students were encouraged to think about the way that they speak around their friends, as opposed to how they speak around parents and teachers. Are they ever hypocritical in this? They were also encouraged to be brave and to speak up when a friend is using inappropriate language, and were applauded for the uplifting, supportive speech we do often hear.

Discussion Questions/Talking Points:

1.    How does 1 Timothy 4:12 apply to you personally? How can you be an example for others (classmates, teachers, siblings, parents)?

2.    Do you feel as though adults have low expectations for you? Are you able to use the “I’m just a teenager, what do you expect??” excuse, and get away with more than you probably should?

3.    How would you like adults to view you? What kinds of expectations do you think they should set for you?

4.    What kinds of expectations do you set for yourselves?

5.    Do you notice an issue with bad language in your friends group? In your class? What about the language being used on social media, or in text messages? If you feel this is an issue, what is your part in it?

Thanks to Kayla VanderHorst for creating this assembly summary!