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Opening Assembly

September 04, 2018
By Mr. Dykstra

On September 4, our principal welcomed students and staff back to another year at Credo Christian High School. He also welcomed the large number of parents and grandparents who were in attendance. In his address, he welcomed the new students and then shared “Ten Things You Should Know about Credo High.”

1.    Credo is full of God's children. Students were reminded of their baptism and the fact that their attendance at CCHS is in response to the promises made by their parents.
2.    Credo is full of sinners – both students and teachers. In spite of our best efforts and intentions, we will see and hear things at school that grieve God. 
3.    Credo is a result of a huge amount of effort by your parents, grandparents and great-grandparents, who built this school and continue to support it many ways.
4.    Credo is a generous community. Last year, students raised over $20 000 for various charities. This is something to be proud of!
5.    Credo has teachers who may be a little strange, but they mean well. The teachers that work here really care about their students.
6.    Credo is a place where the cool rooms are upstairs. At least, five of us teachers think so. (The rest of them just rolled their eyes at this shameless plug for the band program.)
7.    Credo is a place where you can always come to the office if you have a question, thanks to Mrs. Bulthuis and Mrs. Horstman, our friendly and knowledgeable office staff. 
8.    Credo is a place where students can develop their talents, thanks to the wide variety of programs and courses that are offered.
9.    Credo is a place where the vice-principal rules the badminton court.
10.    Credo is a place where students belong, whatever their limitations or struggles. They belong regardless of intelligence, skin colour, physical capacity, or struggles with sexual orientation, depression, behaviour, or addiction. If you belong to God, then you belong here. We know that Credo might not be the best place for each student, but we will do our best to make it the best place for you. 

Discussion points:
1.    How would you describe Credo to someone who was new to our community?
2.    Do you feel that you belong at Credo? What is your place in the school? What do you do to add to the atmosphere?

Thanks to Kayla VanderHorst for creating this assembly summary!