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On Carving, Cacophonies, and Clarity

May 28, 2019
By Mr. Struik

Our latest assembly began with Mr. Struik sharing tales of his attempt at becoming an expert wood carver. He bought the appropriate supplies, found some beginner project ideas online, and got to work. Things did not immediately go well, so he sought help from other carvers online. What he found was a cacophony of voices; endless opinions that overwhelmed and didn’t even really answer the questions he had. In reflecting on this, Mr. Struik shared with the students that it would have been much more helpful for him to have a mentor, someone to help help him sift through the online throng of voices, someone he trusted to give him the right advice.

This is just one example of what living in the digital age looks like. We are constantly surrounded by a multitude of voices and opinions on social media. These messages we are bombarded with are often at odds with each other as well. So who are we to trust? And what messages are we taking in daily, often without even realizing the impact these messages are having on us?

We have, of course, one thing that should be our guide through this chaos: the Word of God. The Bible is the one influence that is completely reliable and 100% true. The Word of God lights our path (Psalm 119:105), Jesus shepherds us along the way (John 10:27), and the Spirit of God advocates for us (John 14:16-17). Jesus provided us with the perfect example for how to use Scripture to guide us when he himself used Scripture to deny the temptations of the devil. In order to follow this example, we must immerse ourselves in the Word, so that when temptations arise we are able to turn to Scripture for help without needing to Google it first.

Discussion Points:

Mr. Struik mentioned a few common questions that arise in our society. Use these to stimulate discussion with your family!

1. What should I think about this new show that all my friends are watching? That maybe even other Christian leaders are watching?

2. Aren’t all religions sort of the same? We can’t really judge other religions, or even other Christians, can we? Doesn’t the Bible say not to judge?

3. My favourite Blogger/Instragrammer/Snapchatter (etc.) says that the most effective Christians are the ones who just keep their faith private and don’t annoy people by talking about it. Is that true?

4. Do snitches really deserve stitches?