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Alumna Inspiration

December 04, 2018
By Dolita S

At our most recent assembly, alumna Dolita Snyder came in to talk to the students about her journey from Credo high school student to wife, mother, and unit clerk. Her path was not always easy or consistent; she took on a few different jobs (good and bad) before finally discovering the career God had planned for her. It was clear throughout all of the various experiences though, that God was with her on her path, and that each experience was an opportunity for growth. Christ has always been the constant for her, just as He is for us all, and every choice we make should keep Him at the center.

Dolita left the students with a few tips on how to live an active Christian life as they prepare for and eventually enter the working world.

Be a support and encouragement to one another!

Talk to God!
You are important to Him, and He must be the most important to you.

Stay flexible!
Your path might not always be clear, and it might even hurt sometimes, but when you stay obedient to God, He will provide.


Stay humble!
Be thankful for what you have, and remember who has given it all to you.

Discussion points:

1. Discuss your expectations for post-secondary education and/or work.

2. How important is it to know exactly what you want to do with your life by the time you graduate high school?

3. When things don’t go quite how you expect them to, how do you react? If your reaction is negative, what are some practical things you could do to train yourself to react more positively?

Thanks to Kayla VanderHorst for creating this assembly summary!