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The library is open before (8:30 am - 3:30 pm), during and after school for your use. A librarian is available for most of that time to assist students.

  • Students are not to remove any reference materials.
  • Drinking and eating is not allowed in the library.


  • Books can be checked out for three (3) weeks. 
  • Video’s and CD’s may be checked out for three (3) days
  • Reference books may be checked out for one (1) period only.
  • Articles and pamphlets from the vertical file may be checked out for three (3) weeks.

Fines on overdue material

  • $0.25 a day on books and Vertical File material
  • $0.50 a day on Videos and CD’s
  • $0.50 a day on Reference material


Available to all students.  Don’t forget to save your work in your student files.


Articles, pictures, etc. may be copied for projects. Colour copies are $0.25 a page.

There are several sections in the library:

  • a non-fiction section of the library on the left hand side of the room including a cabinet for over-sized books and atlases.
  • a fiction section on the right hand side of the room,
  • a section of current magazines on the shelves in the center of the library behind the round counter of computers
  • a magazine archive of back issues of magazines received at the school, on the back wall,
  • a reference section also on the back wall,
  • a video section is in a cupboard near the back door,
  • a pamphlet file, also called a vertical file, is by the photocopier.
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Do you have a question or request? Send an email to the librarian.