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What's in our Library?

1.  Non-Fiction

All the non-fiction books have a number called a Dewey Decimal number, followed by the first three letters of the author’s name.

The Dewey Decimal numbers work like this:


000's--Generalities (Computer, Internet, Media, Encylopedias)

100’s—Philosophy and Psychology

200’s—Religion, Christianity, Church History, Mythology

300’s—Social Sciences (Education, Economics, Social issues, Law)

400’s—Language (Linguistics, Dictionaries, Grammar)

500’s—Natural Sciences and Mathematics (Physics, Chemistry, Geology, Biology)


600’s—Applied Sciences and Technology (Medical Sciences, Engineering, Home Economics, Agriculture, Manufacturing)

700’s—The Arts (Fine Arts, Photography, Music, Sports, Recreation)


800’s—Literature (Poetry and Plays, Shakespeare)

900’s—Geography, Biography, History

2.  Fiction

The fiction section of the library is the place where you find the story books. 
The Call Numbers start with “F” for fiction followed by the first 3 letters of the author’s last name. 

3 & 4. Current Magazines and Archives

The current magazines are on the magazine shelves in the center of the library behind the round counter of computers.  Past issues of the magazines that the library subscribes to are found in magazine boxes on the back wall of the library.  They are in alphabetical order according to the name of the magazine.  Magazines may be checked out.

5. Reference section

Here you will find the encyclopedias, religious books and commentaries, church history books,  dictionaries, atlases, geography books, medical books and science books, many of them in series.  These cannot be taken out of the library except for a class and then need to be returned immediately thereafter.

6.  Videos

The videos, for the most part, are non-fiction relating to courses taught in the school. 

7.  Pamphlet File

The Pamphlet file or Vertical file has pamphlets and information taken out of newspapers, magazines, and other sources.  These files are updated on a continual basis.  Articles and pamphlets may be taken out of their files and checked out for three weeks.