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Who should I contact for help?

Any questions about your course: Contact your teacher.

Email Support
for any email issues (Mrs.Horstman)

Technical Support 
for any computer troubles (Mr. Vanderven)

Dogwood Scholarship Support
for assistance with your Dogwood application (Ms. Louwerse)

All other inquiries
for anything else (Mr. de Haan)

Need Help Printing?
Anyone in Chilliwack, Sardis or Yarrow who needs course packs printed etc. is welcome to send them to Minuteman Press (cost will be covered by the school).  Simply email or call 604 858-9099.


Grade 8 Day
This has been scheduled for Tuesday, June 16 from 8:50 to 12:15. A Zoom meeting to discuss the details will happen on Thursday, June 11 @ 7:30 pm. Check your email for a Zoom invite.

Returning to School in June
As previously announced, BC schools are opening for part-time instruction on June 1. In line with the requirements, CCHS will be offering one day per week for each grade. Please remember that sending your child to school is completely voluntary. Each family will have to weigh their own circumstances and perception of risk in making this decision. Each grade will be invited to come to school one day per week from June 1 to 12th, according to the following schedule:

Mondays: Grade 8 
Subjects: Bible, French, English and Math/Science

Tuesdays: Grade 9 
Subjects: Math, Science, Social Studies and English/Bible

Wednesdays: Grade 12 
Subjects: Bible, History, Science/Math tutorial

Thursdays: Grade 10
Subjects: Social Studies, Math, English, Careers

Fridays: Grade 11
Subjects: Social Studies, English, Science/Math tutorial

The day’s schedule will run from 8:48 to 2:30. Academic classes will take place in the morning. After a lunch break, students will be able to join a PE activity (bring your baseball gloves!) or work on their art or sewing.

Teachers will continue to deliver instruction online. However, they will also deliver a component of the week’s instruction to the students who are physically present. This may be an assessment, a discussion, a written assignment, or another activity. Students who are not physically present will be expected to complete that work remotely.

Things to bring
Bring your baseball glove. If your books aren’t at school, bring the things you need for the classes above. Bring money for pizza – every day next week is pizza day! And bring your baseball glove (did I say that already?)

Health and Safety
Appropriate safety measures will be enacted. For example, classes will be divided into smaller groupings of around 15 students. Physical distancing will take place in classrooms and encouraged in the hallways. Common surfaces will be disinfected regularly and the school will undergo additional cleaning. Each student and staff member will be asked if they are feeling well before being allowed in the building. Because of this, it is imperative that you not send your son/daughter to school if they are sick.

Most parents will be expected to arrange transportation to the school building. Parents who wish to use the Eastern bus must sign up using Friday’s survey. Pickup points in Chilliwack and Abbotsford are as follows:

Spanninga Residence - 9285 Banford Rd - Leave at 7:30; drop off at 3:40

Cottonwood Mall Parking Lot - Leave at 7:40; drop off at 3:30

Exit 109 (North Side) - Leave at 7:55; drop off at 3:15

Whatcom Rd - Leave at 8:10; drop off at 3:00

Canceled Events
The Open House (June 4) and Grade 8 Day (May 14) have been canceled. 

Updated marks were posted on Thursday, April 16.

The provincial government has clarified the expectations regarding final marks and graduation for the current school year. According to a statement released last week, “Students are expected to continue their learning for each course they are enrolled in and to complete assignments set out by their teachers to finish their courses. Through continuing their learning and successfully finishing their coursework, all students on track to move to the next grade will do so in the 2020/21 school year.”

To ensure that you receive emails from the school please ensure that emails from are not going to your spam or junk folder.

Depending on feedback, more courses might be added.

Grade 8: English, Bible, Science, PE, Social Studies, French
FNASK is optional (Woodworking, music, photography, foods, sewing)

Grade 9: English, Bible, Social Studies, PE, Science, Math, Careers, French

Grade 10: Social Studies, Math, English, PE, Science, Bible, Tech

Grade 11: Social Studies, English, Math, Physics, Biology, Science for Citizens, PE, Bible, Art

Grade 12: English, History. Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Math, PE, Bible, Art

Our Learning Assistance department continues to function. Mrs. Allison holds office hours every school day from 11-12, and is readily available via text or email.  If printer ink is running low, we can make arrangements to print anything you need for pickup in Langley, Abbotsford, or Chilliwack. In some cases, we may be able to offer delivery! This week, in particular, we are hoping to drop some course materials off at a number of homes. So don’t be afraid to ask!  Our help desk numbers are listed above.

The school building is still open!  In most cases, the school building will be available from 9 am to noon on weekdays. Lockers will be accessible during those times (students may leave their belongings there or take them all home if they prefer). The school library is also accessible. Students are able to sign books out on their own at any time.

All exams have been canceled.

Although our graduation ceremony plans took a hit this past weekend with the sudden restrictions for drive-in events, we haven’t lost hope. We want to organize an event that will be memorable for both students and families. Give us a bit more time to reset our plans. Members of the graduating class will also be coming to school on June 1-3 to record their Grad Transitions videos. The expectations for these have been scaled back, but they are still a good way for our grads to reflect on their time at Credo. If you haven’t signed up for a slot, do so ASAP!

As always, contact Mr. de Haan with feedback, suggestions, and questions.