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Theme Text 2019/2020

September 10, 2019
By Mr. de Haan

‘Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you saying, “This is the way; walk in it”’ (Isaiah 30:21).

For our second assembly of the year, Mr. de Haan addressed the school on the topic of our theme text from Isaiah. He explained how this text is about where we’re going, how we ought to get there, and who is there to help us. It’s about listening to God’s voice when we make decisions. This text offers a challenge which is very important to everyone- students, teachers, parents, etc. It’s really about making the right decisions. It’s about heeding God’s voice, and responding in faith.

The first people to hear these words from Isaiah would have been the Israelites. Isaiah reminded the leaders of Israel to listen to God’s directions, but time and time again the Israelite leaders ignored that advice and went their own way. And we’re no different! Don’t we so often do the same? We’re told the way to go, we’re told to listen to God’s direction, but we think our way is better, and so we make decisions based on our own desires.

Every one of us makes thousands of decisions every day. Some big, some small, some smart, and some dumb. Some of our bad decisions don’t have much of an impact on anything or anyone, but some of them could even put people’s lives in danger! As Christians, we are not immune to sin, struggle, and poor decision making. We need true direction which we get by listening to God’s voice, and not allowing the noise of the world to drown Him out.

Consider a GPS. When you ignore the GPS and take a different route, the voice you hear isn’t impatient or frustrated, it simply recalculates and guides you back to the path that will lead you to your destination. Isn’t God kind of like that GPS? When we stray, He doesn’t throw up His hands in defeat and frustration. Instead He offers us grace, and patiently guides us back to Him. What love!

Use this acronym to help you in your decision making:

P - Pause: Think before you act!

R - Read: What does the Bible say?

A - Ask: Talk to your parents, teachers, friends, counselors, etc. Talk to God!

Y - Yield: Listen to your God-given conscience. His will be done!

Discussion points:

1. Talk about some of the decisions you’ve made lately. What’s one of the best decisions you’ve made? One of the worst? How often is asking God to guide your decision making a part of your prayer?

2. Consider North American culture. Do you agree that it is self-serving? If so, how does that affect the way people make decisions? What larger effect is there on families, communities, etc.?