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The Reformed Curriculum Development Committee was started in 1989.

It is directed by a committee consisting of the Chairmen and Principals of the four Canadian Reformed School Societies in the Fraser Valley and the Ebenezer Canadian Reformed School in Smithers.  Its mandate is to promote curriculum development.  It does so by reviewing proposals for curriculum development and providing appropriate compensation for approved curricular projects.  Approved projects are delegated to the Curriculum Cooperative Committee (CCC).  This committee is then responsible for curriculum review, development, and implementation. It reports to the RCDC twice annually. 

RCDC has developed curriculum materials in several areas:

 The RCDC also maintains a Professional Resource Library. Housed at Credo Elementary School, the Library is a small collection of resources appropriate for professional development use. Currently, the main subject areas that the library holds are Assessment, Cooperative Learning, and Understanding By Design. The index can be accessed here. To access any of these resources, please e-mail or