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The RCDC Kindergarten Author Study was developed in the summer of 2017 by Mary Ann Vanderstoep and Jennifer Onderwater. 

In the words of the authors:

Language Arts is an essential part of a kindergarten program. Exposure to language, literature, illustrations and stories are all crucial for the development of reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. Many kindergarten programs incorporate language skills into every subject area and weave all subject areas into language arts. The use of themes is one way that kindergarten incorporates the goals of multiple subjects throughout the day, week or even month.  Using a particular author as base for a theme is what we have set out to do. Each author can be introduced and their books used as the starting point for language appreciation, writing, listening , and reading. These authors’ books can also then be incorporated into the goals of science, health, math and socials.

Each file below contains curricular connections and a number of activities in a variety of subjects that connect with each author.


Frank Asch

Stan & Jan Berenstein

Jan Brett

Eric Carle

Lois Ehlert

Tana Hoban

Pat Hutchins

Leo Lionni

H.A. Rey