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Climate Change (Science 7)

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. On the sixth day, he created man, the crown of his creation. Man was given the role of vice-regent, of being the image-bearers of God on Earth, responsible for the care and dominion of creation. Sadly, man fell, breaking his perfect image-bearing capacity. Although the mandate to rule over creation has not been withdrawn, man no longer has the ability to rule perfectly. As he studies creation and gains dominion over it, he does so to his own benefit rather than God’s glory. All of creation has been affected by this fall.

Earth and its climate change over geological time. Each time climate changes, the effects of such changes are widespread. Innumerable factors affect the changing climate - some natural and some human. Furthermore, evidence for climate change is unreliable and rests on man’s ability to look into the past. Even so, the call on humans to carry out our creation mandate requires that we study God’s creation and engage in sustainable practices to that end. Our image-bearing capacity, which is being renewed by the Holy Spirit, allows us to think critically about the degree to which our actions contribute to problems and about solutions thereto. Ultimately, we rest secure in the knowledge that all of creation is and remains in the control of God, who provides for his creatures.

This file (in Word format) contains the unit plan developed by the authors below during the summer of 2018. 

Project Authors

Martin Rekers, John Calvin Christian School

Diana Nobel, Credo Christian Elementary School

James Kanis, William of Orange Christian School