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Math Stations

We have created a unit of hands-on math games that complement the kindergarten math program.  These games are hands-on brains-on lessons that teach and reinforce numeracy, patterns, and shapes.  The teacher guides the students through the instructions and the students in partners complete the math challenge.  These activities are fun and engaging and have the students talk about math. The students help each and cooperate in learning and teaching the math skills. They also develop their communication abilities with their partners in the process of fair play and collaboration.

These activities provide the students an opportunity to put their math knowledge into practice in a real setting.  Having the students connect math with authentic activities helps solidify their learning and the genuine need for mathematical skills.  The students exercise critical thinking skills in working through the games and activities.

Click here to download the activities. The files are contained in a compressed folder (about 14 Mb)

Project Authors: 

Leslie Scholtens (Credo Christian Elementary)

Mary-Ann Vandergugten (John Calvin Elementary, Yarrow)