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Social Studies is the study of God’s dealings with this world and its people to fulfill His plan of salvation and to restore creation to its original purpose.  It focuses on people’s relationships with their social, physical, and cultural environments.  Social Studies is an interdisciplinary subject that draws upon history, geography, economics, law, political science, and other disciplines. 

A Biblical approach to Social Studies is based on the fact that God is sovereign; He is Creator and Redeemer.  The Bible explains how human beings live in relationship with God, self, others, and the creation.  This is diametrically opposed to a secular world view which presents each person as an autonomous being, one who stands alone, free to choose what to do, often in isolation from anyone or anything else”  (SCSBC, Educating with Heart and Mind, p. 160).


Our covenant children are trained for the service of the Lord.  We teach Social Studies to help our students acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for that service.  The interdisciplinary aspect of Social Studies makes it especially suited to teaching our children how to live and work before the face of God in obedience to the norms of His Word in all areas of life (our cultural mandate).  By teaching our children to be obedient citizens of God’s kingdom, we also teach them to become active and responsible citizens of their country in this world.

Many Social Studies Programs make citizenship their primary focus.  While we think this is a very important concept, this program deals with it in such a way as to enable students to live as disciples of Christ, citizens of God’s Kingdom.  Such a view implies that, if we want our children to become active and responsible citizens, they need to do Social Studies in the light of Biblical views of God, themselves, and others in order to live responsibly. 

“A Christian view of Social Studies should examine human relationships in the context
of the whole human drama from the creation and beginning of time, through the redemption in Jesus Christ, into the present, and towards the future of Jesus Christ’s return and a new heaven and earth.”  (SCSBC – Educating with Heart and Mind, p.165).

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