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Social Studies 12: Comparative Religions (Church History)

The purpose of this course is to help students understand and appreciate their Christian heritage; specifically their roots in the Reformation in Europe leading to the denominations in Canada that they are members of. The course begins with a broad scope, looking at various religions, then moving on to Christianity then to Christ’s Church from Pentecost to the 16th century Reformations; from there it slows down and focuses on the Reformed Churches in Europe and in North America. Throughout the course, the Biblical Christian faith is contrasted to all the other religions and distorted worldviews and belief systems.

In order to help the students better understand the various differences between current denominations, they will first review the events leading up to and surrounding the Sixteenth Century Reformations as well as how the Protestant church began to split into various denominations. This will allow them the opportunity to trace, to compare, and to evaluate the differences between other denominational perspectives and the Reformed one, and among various Reformed ones as well. 

The focus for this course, then, will be on the theology and doctrines of the Reformed Churches coming out of the Reformation then narrowing into northern Europe and the Netherlands. The Dutch Reformed Church and its history, along with the ongoing reformations over the succeeding centuries will be traced, and then the focus will shift to North America, especially in the 19th and 20th centuries. In the final units the topic will continue to narrow specifically to the history of the Canadian and United Reformed Churches, and then it will broaden again to an overview of other Reformed Churches in Canada, North America, and around the world, highlighting especially those with which these denominations have ecclesiastical relationships.

Click here to download the course outline (in Word format)

Project Authors:

Fritz Douma (Credo Christian High School)

Dave Penninga (Ebenezer Canadian Reformed School)