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God has created the seasons and preserves the cycle of the seasons from year to year.  Winter is part of this cycle and illustrates his awesome greatness.   After the fall into sin, God’s creation was also affected.  Winter is often a time of extreme cold and hardship for all of God’s creation, yet through redemption God preserves his handiwork.  Plants, animals, and mankind have been given the means and the knowledge to survive winter.  We continue as God’s children to respect, enjoy, and learn from the season of winter.  We learn to trust in God as he cares for us and his creation.  We all have our task as God’s stewards to prepare our homes, fields, and animals for winter.

This is an integrated unit for Grade 1 Unit Studies, focussing on science and social studies. Click here to download the unit.


Margaret Althaus (William of Orange Christian School)

Jennifer Onderwater (Credo Christian Elementary School)